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Talented Friend to the Rescue

I have had making a website on my list of things to do for years, but there was always the fear of the photographs.

Do they need a white background?

Do they all have to be perfect?!?

Do I have to take them?!

Will I have to be in them?!?!

The answers to most of this is luckily, no. The last one is a whole other blog post on it's own which I will tackle at some point...promise.

I knew I could take pictures, we do it all the time with our phones and don't even think about it. I just took this picture of my ancient cat Sweetie, isnt she cute...

Cute cats aside...I was stuck, dwelling on the fear of putting things out there that were horrible. Luckily, I have some super talented friends (more blog posts on that too). I've known Molly Moroose for years, and have always appreciated her perspective on life. She had recently started her photography business when I asked if she'd tried any product photography and she was willing to give it a try.

Two months later, she didn't let me forget my idle inquiry and on a chilly morning we struck out to see what shots she could get. The time went so fast, as did the feeling in our fingers, but Molly was open to trying a variety of shots. She took my input and the entire process was so effortless. And then came the photos of me...I guess for jewelry you do want to see it on a person. That person had to be me. I'm not comfortable in front of a camera for so many reasons, but I didn't feel self conscious in front of her lens at all. In fact I really like this picture of me, I may even love it!!

If you're local to Morgantown and need a photographer who captures light and life in relaxed and unique way, then I recommend Molly a million times over. And not just because she's my friend and made me and my products look awesome...but maybe a little. You can find her at and on IG @mollymoroose

So, when you see newer pictures to come in the shop and can tell that I took them versus Molly, just be nice, okay? And if there's sunshine where you are today, then step out, enjoy it, and maybe take a picture or two!

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