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Past and Present, plus a DIY.

The one thing I had planned to accomplish for the quarantine was the cleaning, purging, and organizing of the craft room. It's a good thing that I only gave myself one goal as it's probably going to take the whole time...

I get distracted easily when craft projects are involved. I either start thinking of new ideas or I sit down and start finishing old ones. However, it is really interesting to see how my projects have evolved. From my old pottery lamps (below) to my mix-tape maracas, the #upcycle never ends!

I posted the maraca on my IG story randomly as a throwback and the response and requests for a tutorial really surprised me, so here we go! Also this is my first tutorial of any kind, so hold tight.


Cassette Tape (make sure it has screws)

Small Phillips head screwdriver

Tape (the sticky kind)

Assorted small beads (seed beads size 11 and 8 are good)


About 10 minutes

Step 1

Roll up a small piece of tape and put to the side, this helps keep track of your tiny screws.

Step 2

Remove screws using a small Phillips head screwdriver, most cassettes have five. Place the screws on your tape from Step 1.

Step 3

Open the cassette.

Step 4

Remove the ribbon from around the large gears by pushing the gear through the middle and then firmly tug the end from the gear. Or if you want this to take longer slowly unwind it as so many things seem to be coming undone these days...too dark? Too soon?

Step 5

Put the gears back and fill the empty cavity with your chosen beads, as if it were your free time and the beads were useless TV (coughTigerKingreferencecough).

Be sure to keep this small metal piece as it keeps smaller beads from coming out during shaking.

Step 6

Place the second half of the cassette back on and replace the screws.

Step 7

Dance party, because, why not?! We need more dancing these days.

If you'd like to see a hyperlapse of the process (with terrible voiceover), then head to my Instagram or Facebook page.

As always, stay whimsical!


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