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Irrational Times - Pi Day

Happy π Day!! (math puns, beware...)

Hands offering miniature pies with a smiling face in the background

I know that things are pretty irrational right now, but there are always good things about, if you look. As an immune-compromised individual, social distancing is just part of my winter realities. This time of year I usually get a-round (😉) to learning new things and trying to get my online presence sorted. Last year it was getting this website going and this year I am focused on getting back onto Etsy and posting here more regularly.

In January I had the opportunity to attend a great workshop at 304 Collective focused on digital marketing and planning for small business. I know I've posted before about my terrible photography skills and the workshop gave me the opportunity to work with Alisha on some awesome branded photos, including those in this post! You'll be seeing more of them as time goes on.

Since I have had infinite time lately to work on these goals, I felt it was rather fitting to reopen my Etsy shop today, with the listing of my tiny pies. You can see my Etsy shop here or find me at this link. There are just pies right now but you will see more in the near future!

I know that things are uncertain right now, but we have awesome technology that allows us to continue to connect and support one another without actually being in the same room. I hope you all stay healthy and Wash Your Hands!! And don't forget, there's always pie...and unlike pi, none of this will go on forever. (Nope, still not sorry for the puns).

Stay Whimsical


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