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Hi, there!

I thought I should introduce myself, I'm Angi of #Angidsigns and I make all of the things found in the shop page attached to this site (coming soon, if it hasn't happened already). I am and always have been a #WVgirl.

Angi, laughing
My sister took this picture of me. Usually I have a very weird half smile in pictures, but she made me laugh.


I am devoted to finding new uses for those things most people would overlook or discard. I embrace the challenge that repurposing items gives me. It doesn't always work out, but I always learn something new or get 3 more ideas!


I had a unique childhood and a challenging early adulthood, and those experiences taught me to look for ways to make myself smile. Getting crafty was one of those things that kept me (mostly ;) ) sane. Now, I also like to make others smile with my designs. So if anything I've made has made you smile, then please let me know that it's mission accomplished!

I'm going to keep this first entry simple, but my blog posts in the future will range from more information about me, my process, to craft tips and bits of wisdom I have accumulated over the years. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any questions you may have for me.

All the Best,


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