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Forever Flora

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Hello everyone!

It’s finally Spring and that means new life and the return of the growing season, unless you have a black thumb. I am notorious for killing plants as I tend to love (water) them too much. Forever Flora took root when my desire for plants met with the need to divert a little extra material from the waste stream. This is how I finally get a green thumb!

Quarantine life had me watching in envy as friends and family started their own veritable jungles of plants and displaying them in beautiful pots and macramé hangers. A dear coworker bought me a lovely succulent and pot from the fantastic Hoot and Howl ( but I was unable to keep it alive. Even after I followed all of the advice given to me by those same friends.

I also spent many hours this past year exploring niche groups on Social Media and diving into interests that I’ve always enjoyed. One of which was miniatures. All it took was seeing a stack of buttons turned into a tiny pot to plant the seed for this collection. A plastic bottle cap is a tiny pot!! I immediately began sculpting some preliminary designs and the Bottle Cap Botany plants grew from there. As the caps aren't recyclable in all locations, it was the perfect way to continue my upcycling mission.

Once the plants took shape, I couldn’t help but take the idea even further. I was gifted a Nespresso maker last year, but the little aluminum pods aren’t recyclable. Nespresso does have a great recycling program for them but it’s taking me ages to fill up their mailer. On a whim I started sculpting into them and the Specialty Succulents and Ca(t)cti were the result. The coffee grounds will be put to use on my mom's garden, she is much better with plants.

Given that the little pods have rounded bottoms (with an occasional dent), I had to find a way to display them and with a feed full of macramé the outcome was inevitable. The Nespresso pod plants will come with a coordinating macramé hanger while you can choose a hanger from a variety of colors for the bottle-cap babies. However, the little plants can sit just fine on their own and will brighten up any desk, dresser or windowsill!

These lovely photos of Bottle Cap Botany in the wild were taken by the very talented Eli Haas (

The Forever Flora collection goes live on April 1st (Really!) at 1 PM EDT (Now available!! . If you need some fuss-free green in your life that can’t be eaten by your cat, or your room is lacking a little whimsy, then I hope you’ll grab yours as soon as they go live. They're perfect for a dorm, camper, rear-view mirrors, or any space where low maintenance plants are desired! Be sure to join our email list for notice of future collections and exclusive discounts!

Stay Whimsical,


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