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Display Re-Mix

I like to repurpose in all realms of my business, including display pieces. If you've been to any of my shows, then you've probably commented on my vintage suitcase display.

I stumbled upon this Stratosphere suitcase and a Samsonite train case years ago at a yard sale. I may have screamed "stop vintage suitcases" at the driver of the vehicle. I haven't been able to find too much information on the Stratosphere but I'm guessing its mid-century based on the logo.

Since then, I've used both pieces in various ways but the configuration below was the real game changer.

When I added the pegboard it changed my life. I have some back issues, so set-up/tear-down is the hardest part of any show for me. And if you've ever packed more than one necklace in the same space, then you know that finding a way to avoid tangles is helpful for everyone's sanity. This set up has saved me hours of time and aggravation but the deeper side on the right always bothered me. I felt I was wasting space and then I got an idea...which is always dangerous.

In its original state, the deeper side had two shelves that allowed for separation of clothes. I thought it would be perfect to add shelves back in, so after a trip for wood the next iteration of that Strat began.

The original brackets for the shelves hold the vertical supports perfectly!

It worked! The Strat has shelves again!! They will be home to my Bottle Cap Cages and Fairy Baskets at future shows.

One thing I learned during this process is that Poplar smells sweet when it is cut? Who knew?! But now I have a question for you, very important question. Should the shelves stay bare, get a little paint, or get decoupaged with some vintage magazines? I'm torn though the decoupage is the current front runner. What do you think? Let me know here or on IG, look forward to your input!

Stay Whimisical!


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