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Cutting the Cord

This isn't a post about disconnecting or going off-grid, though sometimes my sanity requires that too.

No, this is about taking a few obsolete bits of technology and giving them new life.

I was given one of these cords to throw away, when I looked closely at the cord ends. The plastic connectors at the end of the cords were really interesting to me (lucite and metallic vibes) and I began to experiment.

Ultimately they will be earrings in a variety of lengths.

But that left me with the rest of the cords!

I've already designed a few new uses for them, but I'm very excited to keep experimenting!

Let me know what you think of them and if you have any old cords lying around, then feel free to send them my way!! The finished pieces will be listed in the shop soon.

In the mean time, stay whimsical!

;) Angi




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